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Pinnacle Golf Vacations


With the highest of standards and a hunger for excellence comes the happiest of customers. Here is what they have to say about us.

Steve and Pinnacle Golf Vacations have taken care of our golf, lodging, and dining needs for nearly 20 years (when we staying with Resort Suites / Zona Hotel).  The service has been impeccable, the golf course suggestions have been great, the lodging has been first rate, and the recommendations for dining and beverages have been spot on.  Steve has also been able to keep the rain away for all the years we have been coming to Phoenix.  No one plans a golf vacation better!

Rob M. 
Cleveland, OH 

Steve Nicodemus and the entire staff at Pinnacle Golf Vacations are hands down the leading experts on all things golf related when visiting the Scottsdale area.  As a head golf professional managing golf trips for anywhere from 24 to 60 members, it would not be possible to manage these trips without Pinnacle Golf Vacations help.  With one phone call you can take care of accommodations, tee times and dinner reservations.  Being able to get everything taken care of and know that it will be done without fail is priceless.  Please do not overlook the little details either.  Things like knowing when carts are going to allowed off path following over seeding, and being sure not to schedule the group before hand, is just one example of their attention to detail.  If you are heading to Scottsdale for a golf vacation I cannot recommend Pinnacle Golf Vacations highly enough.  

Allan Belden, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Worcester Country Club
Worcester, Massachusetts
President of the NEPGA
NEPGA 2015 Golf Professional of the Year

I have been to Scottsdale area golfing six of the last eight years with a group of eight players. Trying to keep 7 others happy is a tough thing. I’m so happy I hooked up with Tedd Maitland on the first trip. He literally looked after everything. He is professional, accommodating, and extremely efficient. I would not even think of booking a trip to his area without giving him a call first. I wish all friends were like him!

Dave Stewart
Sussex, New Brunswick

Tedd Maitland at Pinnacle Golf has been arranging our trips to Scottsdale for many years. Cannot say enough about the stellar job he does for us year after year. Golf course recommendations, T times, hotels, group restaurant reservations, transportation…Tedd takes care of everything for our large group of golfers. And with any large group, there are guys who have to cancel, last-minute additions, etc., and Tedd always takes care of the changes. He makes it seem easy and we all know that it is not. Whenever my wife and I want to take a couple’s trip to the desert, Tedd handles that flawlessly as well. Tedd and Pinnacle Golf Vacations are travel professionals of the highest level. Thanks, Tedd!

Dr. Kendall Itoku
The Doctors Golf Trip
St. Louis, MO

Pinnacle Golf Vacations has made our last 10 golf trips care free for 24 players.  They have met every one of our expectations.  If you have questions about the details of planning a golf trip, Pinnacle Golf Vacations  has the answers.  Call them, you won’t be disappointed

Denny W.
St. Louis, MO

We have a 16 man golf outing in April of every year.  We have been doing this since 2005 with Steve Nicodemus.  Steve has taken care of our arrangements since day one.  Steve is always accessible for questions and very detailed with information regarding our trips.  Steve handles the tee times and lodging for us every year.  I can’t imagine doing all of this myself or using anyone other than Steve.  Steve gets five stars and A+ plus rating from me and my guests.

Rob Thompson
Oklahoma City, OK