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Wilson Golf Innovation To Launch State-Of-The-Art D7 Irons This January

Seems like Wilson Sporting Goods, a brand founded in 1913, is off to a great start in 2019. On January 17, 2019, the manufacturer is set to release its newest set of state-of-the-art golf clubs: the D7 Irons.

To demonstrate to golf enthusiasts why the D7 Iron is the latest coolest golf gear to have, Wilson Golf Club Innovation, the company’s research and development department recently gave the public a peek on its latest product offering. According to its  manager, Jon Pergande, the D7 Irons collection is meant to be the improved version of other golf club sets  the company launched previously such as the Wilson D300 and the C300 products.

The D7 Iron set is impressive both for its aesthetic appeal and functionality. In terms of physical design, the latest product line looks modern and polished. Wilson also said the D7 irons feature straighter lines and a cleaner topline. The hosel in D7 is also made longer than the D300 model, making it easier to adjust for players.

Crafted with style and usability in mind, the sleek golf equipment is built to increase scores. Every aspect of Wilson’s D7 Irons set is well thought of. The long irons are made to offer great distance (“d” in D7 actually means distance) and forgiveness. The short irons will allow the players to precisely calculate and control their moves.

Signature Wilson Power Hole Technology

Wilson is known for using power-hole technology as its earlier golf iron models strategically placed power holes in the long iron soles. These power holes contain urethane, which creates a forceful impact when hitting the golf ball. In the soon-to-be launched D7 Irons, more power holes are added to increase the energy impact of urethane. Wilson also boasts that D7 has the thinnest clubface and is equipped with the Re-AKT technology.

This  technology is another thing that sets the D7 Irons apart, as it significantly increases the speed of the ball. Compared to the Wilson Staff C300 Forged Irons, the moment of inertia (MOI) in the D7 Irons is 10% higher. Pergande clearly explains this innovation by saying, “Our RE-AKT technology and ultra-thin, responsive club face increases ball speeds to help produce maximum distances, while the shorter clubs give golfers a greater feel and more distance control.”

The number of power holes in the irons varies as it embodies the progressive approach. Three rows of power holes are in 4- through 7- irons. The 8- and 9-irons only have two rows of holes. The pitching wedge on the other hand, only has one row of power holes. Golf equipment is essential to enjoying a great round of golf, so it is important to choose the appropriate gear. Those who wish to be the first owners of these ultramodern and well-designed golf irons should watch out for the launching of Wilson’s D7 Irons.

The sophisticated seven-piece D7 Irons will be up for purchase on Wilson’s physical and online stores starting January 17, 2019. The average retail price for the steel line is $600 and for graphite, $700.

Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

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