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Head On To Troon North Golf Club For The Ultimate Desert Golf Experience

The architecture of a golf course is largely dependent on the natural factors that define the location upon which it is built. This is one of the reasons golf courses around Phoenix and Scottsdale are sought after spots for golf enthusiasts. The “year long summer” atmosphere and the abundance of mesmerizing nature sights make the area the perfect choice for a satisfying desert golf experience. To truly immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of a desert terrain while flaunting and practicing your strokes, Troon North Golf Club is a Scottsdale golf course you can’t afford to miss.

Blessed with nature’s wonders.

Aptly called the crown jewel of Scottsdale, this Arizona golf resort along the Sonoran Desert is surrounded with stunning scenery. It is hard not to be impressed with the majestic display of nature. With its location at the foot of Pinnacle Peak, the course is complemented with ravines, saguaros and granite boulders. For the picturesque surroundings alone, Troon North Golf Club exudes an ambience that is difficult to experience in other golf courses.

Top-notch golf courses.

Visitors can have their fill of golf. Troon North Golf Club can boasts of not just one, but two world-class golf courses. The 1,400-acre resort inside the upscale Troon North community houses two 18-hole golf courses, the Pinnacle and the Monument. Both courses that are designed by Tom Weiskopf have received several recognitions. For one, Troon North Golf Club leads the list of “Top 10 Arizona Resort Courses” of Golf Channel for 2011. Meanwhile in 2014, the courses in Troon North were both part of the “Top 100 Courses You Can Play” list of Golf Magazine. While the Pinnacle course bagged the top rank for this list, the Monument course was at number four.

How to get a great score at Troon North Golf Club:

Once you choose Troon North Golf club as your holiday golf destination, brace yourself for a challenging game. The unique design is meant to test your golfing skills to its ultimate limits.  If you want to conquer this golf course, you need to strategize and practice. Weiskopf cunningly designed the course to trick even the most expert golfer. If you are playing here for the first time, you can look forward to surprises as a putt that seems downhill may turn out to be not. To avoid traps like that, it is recommended to gather as much knowledge about the golf course as you can. You can browse the golf club brochure or ask for tips from locals. It will also be very helpful to seek the advice of the seasoned caddies in the resort.

Enjoy cool amenities.

Troon North Golf resort is complete with amenities to take your golf game to the next level. A wide practice facility is available to polish your golf moves before heading to the actual golf course. You do not have to worry about where to eat either as their Dynamite Grille restaurant is ready to satisfy your palate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This golf destination also has rooms to serve as great venues for special events or occasions. As Troon North Golf club is located within a vibrant and prestigious community, visitors here can also try other exciting activities such as as hiking and biking. Moreover, Troon North Golf Club is minutes away from the Troon North Community Park and Pinnacle Peak Park.

The first step to assuring a perfect getaway is meticulous planning and preparation. Start planning your great golf holiday in Troon North Golf Club with the assistance of Pinnacle Golf Vacations! The Pinnacle team  boasts of years of experience in arranging golf vacation packages. Their passion and dedication to their work ensures excellent service! Submit a quote today.

Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

With over 25 years of experience working directly with courses and players all over the United States, Pinnacle Golf Vacations is the place where convenience, price, and expertise comes together to deliver the ultimate golf vacation. Give us a call, we’ll take it from there.

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