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To Follow or Not to Follow? Superstitions In the Game of Golf

Anyone who wants to get a great golf score knows that it takes mastery of a number of golf skills. You will gain it from regular practice and constant dedication to keep on improving. Still, like other sports, golf is unpredictable so no one can deny that a little bit of luck can make all the difference in a game. Sometimes, when fate does not seem to be on their side, even the best players can suffer from bad shots and an embarrassing score. It is then no wonder why a number of superstitions exist around the game of golf. Although there is no clear evidence that these superstitions can indeed bring good luck, many still follow them. Maybe because these beliefs have stood the test of time and there is really no harm in observing them. Here are some superstitions that you may want to remember once you are on the course to increase chances that the odds will be in your favor.

No extra ball in your pockets

It is such a hassle to lose a golf ball in the middle of the game so if you want to avoid that, make sure not to put any extra one in your pocket. They say keeping a spare ball in your pocket while playing is like anticipating that you will lose the current one you are using.

Three coins for good luck

If you have to put something in your pocket, it may do you good to dig into your wallet for some loose change. This is a superstition followed by the great golfer, Jack Nicklaus who always carries three coins in his pocket during a game. Aside from Nicklaus, another golf legend, Tom Weiskoff also believes that three coins in a pocket bring good luck.

Lucky colors for a great score

Using color is a popular way to attract good vibes even in golf. Tiger Woods is known to always wear a red shirt on the final round of a tournament because the color supposedly represents power. Other popular golfers have their own lucky colors as well. Paula Creamer’s color of choice is pink while Rickie Fowler believes orange will give him a winning score. Meanwhile, another golfer, Lee Trevino says no to a yellow tee as he sees it as a weak color.

A stray ball brings ball luck

You may feel lucky by finding a lost ball while playing on a course but superstition says using it on that same round will result in a poor score maybe because it is not yours in the first place. If no one else is claiming it and you do not want to waste the ball, you can wait for your next game to use it.

Washing a golf ball will wash off good luck

If you are on the lead, you may want to think twice about washing the golf ball you are using in the middle of a game. This is because some believe that doing so can stop your winning streak in an excellent round. To keep good luck on your side, you may want to wait until the game is over before cleaning your golf balls.

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Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

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