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Rapsodo and Golf Digest Launch Coach Connect

Technology is making the game of golf a lot more enjoyable. Modern tools and gadgets are helping players master their swings and moves. Today, one of the latest developments in golf technology is brought about by a partnership between Golf Digest Schools and Rapsodo. Golf Digest is a top provider of online golf classes and Rapsodo is a leading sports analytics company. This collaboration gave birth to the online golf coaching platform Coach Connect.

Coach Connect can provide players of various skills valuable insights about their game performance. In fact, the platform works by using one of Rapsodo’s performance measurement devices, the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM), and Golf Digest’s extensive golf training platform.

How It Works


The MLM is a palm-sized device that players can attach to their smartphones. The device tracks important game metrics such as ball speed, launch direction, club speed, and launch angle. In addition, the phone camera also records a player’s every shot and move. Using this launch tracker is as easy as downloading the MLM app and connecting the smartphone with it through Bluetooth.

Rapsodo plans to further enhance the functionality of their MLM. Players will be able to send their game metrics and videos to professional golf instructors for feedback and suggestions. Along with real-time virtual coaching sessions, golf players who wish to receive game instructions while on the course. The Coach Connect platform is accessible via subscription through the mobile apps of MLM or Golf Digest.

The Goal


According to Rapsodo and Golf Digest, the ultimate goal of their partnership is to help golfers improve performance. CEO of Rapsodo, Batuhan Okur said, “This collaboration with Golf Digest will take the Mobile Launch Monitor and use of golf analytics to the next level. Rapsodo’s ultimate goal is to help player performance, Coach Connect is going to bring us there.”

Meanwhile, the general manager of Golf Digest, Chris Reynolds, also shared his thoughts about the partnership: “We are constantly looking to the future of golf technology to provide golfers with an even greater experience and opportunity to improve their game. Our collaboration with Rapsodo and the ability to utilize their cutting-edge technology as part of our upcoming launch of the Golf Digest Schools app is an exciting new endeavor that is set to offer golfers enhanced access to the best instructors in the world. In this way, we view Coach Connect as a great opportunity to help players of all levels enjoy the game even more.”

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Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

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