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Passionate About Golf? Random Trivia You Must Know

Do you want to declare to everyone that you are a certified golf lover? One foolproof way to do this is by surprising your friends and family with interesting golf facts. Since golf is a sport with a long history, there are surely many golf trivia that are too good not to share. Making an effort to learn golf facts will allow you to flaunt your vast golf knowledge. Who knows? You may even use your precious information to help you get a better score.  Here are some examples of golf trivia you should know:

Wooden golf balls or feather golf balls, anyone?

What will you feel if I give you a golf ball made of hardwood? You may find it weird or funny now but the first manufacturers of golf balls certainly did not think so. This is because from the 14th to the 17th century, players use golf balls that are made of hardwood. Aside from wood, goose feathers were also used before in making golf balls. The feathers are sewn inside a thin leather to create the golf balls.

Where is the first 18-hole golf course?

You may have played on a number of golf courses but you will further impress your colleagues by telling them that you know where the first 18-hole golf course is. It was built by golf enthusiast Charles Blair McDonald in 1892. He constructed it on a sheep farm in Illinois and named it the Downer’s Grove Golf Course. You can still visit this golf destination up to this day but it is already a 9-hole course.

Golfing through the moon

Have you ever wondered what would you do if given a chance to set foot on the moon? Golf lovers may fancy shooting golf balls on the moon’s craters. Interestingly this is similar to what astronaut, Alan Bartlett did in 1967 while he was on the moon. Using a six-iron, he hit a golf ball that went flying across the moon’s atmosphere.  

Origin of the word caddie

Caddies make the life of golf players so much easier with the number of tasks they can do on the course. If you are wondering where the term came from, it was said to be coined in 1552 by Mary Queen of Scotts who also happened to be the first woman to play golf. It was derived from the French word ‘cadet’ that means younger brother.  

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Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

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