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4 Golf Injury Prevention Tips

Rough and dangerous are two of the most unlikely adjectives people use to describe a game of golf. With the relaxing views of golf courses and immaculately-dressed players, it is easy to assume that nothing can go wrong. However, a survey from the National Health Statistics Report (NHSR), published in 2016, does not support this assumption. The study reveals that the injury rate among golf players is even higher than those of other players in high-impact sports, such as hockey and rugby. With proof showing that golf is not immune to accidents and injuries, you may want to arm yourself with some safety measures before booking a tee time. Enjoy a satisfying round of golf, minus the mishaps, with the following golf tips:


Try golf exercises.


Warm-ups are always necessary to prepare for any physical sports game, golf included. With all the body swings and movements that a game of golf requires, it will be a mistake to hit the course without doing some golf exercises. Devoting a few minutes to stretch and flex your muscles will help prevent many common golf injuries such as rotator cuff (shoulder injury), back pain, and knee injuries. It will also strengthen your body and enhance flexibility, thereby increasing your chance to get a great golf score.


Choose the proper gear.


Both your get-up and equipment can help keep you safe and comfortable while golfing. Use proper footwear to avoid slips or cramps. As an outdoor sport, it is a must to don comfortable clothing and wear sunscreen. A golf glove can also keep your hands free from blisters. Taking your golf club for a fitting will ensure that it will not be too heavy or long, thereby preventing untoward incidents.


Keep in mind golf cart precautions.

The NHSR report mentioned above also reported an estimate of 15,000 golf-related injuries per year due to golf carts.  Just like any vehicle, driving or riding recklessly can lead to all sorts of accidents, crashes or falls. It is therefore important to keep safety in mind while traversing the course using a golf cart. Keep accidents at bay by driving carefully. You also need to stay focused and attentive. It is irresponsible to drive under the influence or drive too fast since many courses have dangerous and accident-prone terrains. With stats saying that 30% of golf cart accidents involve children, it also pays to remind passengers to use seat belts and refrain from playing while inside the vehicle.


Balance your swings.


Balance is a key factor for a great golf swing which is crucial in the turnout of your game. In the effort to exhibit the perfect swing, many golfers overdo it, resulting in body pains and injuries. Practicing warm-ups as well as learning how to properly lift and carry clubs, although a simple golf tip, is vital to avoid overswinging. Maintaining proper posture can also help avoid unnecessary aches.


Golf is a wonderful sport with great benefits. Aside from being entertaining and challenging, spending hours on a golf course results in better mental and physical health. All the perks that come with playing golf are a result of consistent discipline and practice. Without those elements, a player may earn more golf injuries than rewards. So, whether you are a professional or a newbie golfer, practicing safety measures is always a must. 

With these golf tips in mind, there is nothing stopping you from planning a golf trip in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area. Get valuable advice on where and how to get the best golf getaway from our team of experts. Get in touch with Pinnacle Golf Vacations today!

Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

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