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All About The Golf Course: Essential Information You Need To Know

For a golf beginner, standing in the middle of an immaculately-polished golf course can both be an overwhelming and exciting experience. The sprawling greens may feel like a delight to explore but the expansive area also presents lots of opportunities for mistakes. To feel at home on a course, one of the first things that golf newbies should do is familiarize themselves with the area where golf games are played. Listed below are some of the essential information to answer common questions that a new golf player may have about a golf course.

Definition of a golf course

A course is the area where the golf game is played. The grounds that make up a golf course consist of a series of holes. A full-sized golf course is composed of 18 holes strategically laid out in about 100-200 acres of land.  While an 18-hole course is the standard, there are also 9-hole and 12-hole golf courses. A complete golf game requires all the holes to be filled.

Design of a golf course

Plotting the layout of a golf course is a unique challenge. So much so, that it requires a separate area of study in the field of landscape architecture. Usually, golf course architects largely base their design on the original landscape of the area. Still, to mold the grounds for a satisfying golf game, the designer has to modify the natural land to cope with the standards of the game and place some artificial hazards.

Areas of a golf course

According to the 2019 Rules of Golf published by the United States Golf Association (USGA), the following are the areas that make up a golf course:

  • The general area. This part covers the entire golf course except for the teeing area and hazard spots, which includes penalty areas, bunkers and putting greens.

  • The teeing ground. Now, holes in golf can mean two things. In one instance, it can refer to the exact spot where the player shoots the ball. It can also be the whole area from the tee spot to the putting green. A tee area is the spot in a hole of a course where players are allowed to position a golf ball on a tee. You can usually identify this area with two tee markers.

  • The penalty areas. Under the new Rules of Golf, if a golf ball happens to land in one of these penalty areas, the player will not be cited for a one-stroke penalty. The rules surrounding penalty areas depend on the color of the marker placed on it. These are either red or yellow.

  • Putting green. This area is the target destination of a golf game since this is where you can find the hole where a player should shoot the ball. A putting green has no standard size or shape but commonly comes in a round shape. This patch of green differs from the rest of the course area because grass is at its shortest and smoothest. It is necessary to keep the putting green well trimmed. If this is neglected, it is likely the ball will not smoothly roll.

  • Bunkers.  A hollow area in a golf course is called a bunker. While some courses have natural bunkers, most designers have to create artificial bunkers within a course. Bunkers can be placed anywhere on a golf course. Its sizes and shapes vary as well. These are hazard areas which intend to make it harder for a golfer to complete the game.

Golf is a cool sport for various reasons. Among others, it can help you grow your social network and improve your overall well-being.  Another thing that makes the game very interesting is the gorgeous golf courses. Unlike other sports where players can expect a uniformed area, no two golf courses are the same. Each golf course presents a surprise for the players to discover, making the game even more fun.

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Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

With over 25 years of experience working directly with courses and players all over the United States, Pinnacle Golf Vacations is the place where convenience, price, and expertise comes together to deliver the ultimate golf vacation. Give us a call, we’ll take it from there.

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