Golf Skincare: 4 Ways To Protect Your Skin While Playing Golf

Golf is a sport where players spend a lot of time outdoors, making skincare an important aspect of the sport. Golf is generally played in an open field during the day. Therefore, a round of golf will likely mean hours traversing the gorgeous golf course under bright sunlight. Sunshine has its share of benefits […]

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Things to Remember When Golfing In Arizona During the Winter

Attending holiday festivities, having snowball fights, and sipping hot drinks – these are just a few things to love about the winter season. Despite this, the biting cold weather can feel too much for a while and you may find yourself wanting to have a break from it. One way to escape the chilling […]

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Stephen Curry Brings Golf Closer To Underprivileged Youths Through Partnership With Callaway Golf

A partnership between a basketball superstar and a global brand can only bring great things. Such is the case with the recent announcement of a collaboration between Stephen Curry, the highly-successful National Basketball Association (NBA) player and Callaway Golf, a leading manufacturer of golf accessories and equipment.

According to the press release, Curry and Callaway […]

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Golf For Seniors: Basic Tips & Reminders

Age is really just a number, especially in the game of golf. For one, this sport is undeniably a good choice for older folks who wish to remain fit and active. Allotting time for a regular round of golf can boost mental agility and physical strength. Since a scenic golf course is also an […]

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Tee Times: Things To Consider Before Booking

Once you have decided on a golf course to play, the next thing to do is book a tee time. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a tee time simply refers to your reserved slot on a course. Securing a schedule on a course may sound as easy as pie, but your choices […]

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McCormick Ranch Golf Club: Perfect Place to Elevate Your Scottsdale Golf Experience

There is one predicament you have to be aware of when visiting amazing destinations such as Scottsdale, Arizona. During the trip, it won’t take long before you realize that you definitely have to return again. With its art galleries, lively nightlife, and exciting events, a short vacation is not enough to fully explore the […]

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Make Way For The ProPilot Self Putting Golf Ball From Nissan

Sports and technology are two things that make life a lot easier and enjoyable. Therefore, put those two together and you can surely expect amazing results. Such is the case with Nissan’s newest offering to the golf accessories market, the ProPILOT self-putting golf ball. The golf ball is equipped with high-tech features that enable […]

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Why Desert Golf Is Twice The Fun At Verrado Golf Club

Several good reasons explain why desert golfing is a must-try. The unique topography and arid climate of the land can surely make your tee time more interesting and challenging. Moreover, just the chance of being in the midst of a vast desert surrounded with magnificent sights of grand canyons, mountain ranges, and wild saguaros […]

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Golf Resorts: 5 Things You Can Do Besides Golf

Many golf courses are stunningly beautiful. With its picturesque landscape and impressive layout, visiting a golf club is definitely a cool experience for everyone. This statement is true even for those who do not really consider themselves golf players. You would not see a golf facility with a sign saying that the place is […]

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Cool Arizona Golf Tournaments & Events To Catch In The Last Quarter

Do you want to make your grand golf vacation in Arizona extra special? One way to make it more unique and memorable is by seizing the opportunity to attend a golf tournament. Fortunately, as a place with hundreds of first-rate golf courses, the Phoenix-Scottsdale area in Arizona is a favorite spot for many golf […]

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Golf Tips: Essential Items To Include In Your Golf Bag

Golf, like any other sport, requires a number of gears and equipment. A set of golf clubs, a pair of gloves, and a couple of golf balls are just some of the things that a golfer needs. Whether you choose to rent or purchase, it is apparent that having complete accessories in your golf […]

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Experience A Fusion of Nature & Luxury at Verde River Golf & Social Club

Do you want to be closer to nature and feel its calming effect? How about enjoying a great round-of-golf on a well-designed course? Plus, are you thrilled with the idea of being just a few steps away from luxurious amenities? These and more are what you can expect at Verde River Golf and Social […]

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