Incredible Golf Experience Awaits At Legend Trail Golf Club

There is one thing you’ll never run out of when you’re in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area: First-class golf courses that will take your breath away! One golf course that falls under this category is Legend Trail Golf Club in North Scottsdale. True to its name, the amenities and service this golf resort provides will leave […]

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Five Questions to Ask Before Starting a Professional Golf Career

If you have been spending a considerable amount of time on the golf course and have awards and commendations to prove your expertise, it wouldn’t be surprising if you start thinking about becoming a professional golfer. Perhaps you can’t help but wonder, is golf a worthy career to seriously pursue? The following is what […]

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Experience the Best of Arizona Golf at the Westin Kierland Golf Club

The Westin Kierland Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in Arizona. Managed by Troon Golf, known for their luxurious clubs and resorts throughout the world, you’re setting a high bar when choosing Kierland as your golf vacation destination. It’s no wonder this Scottsdale golf club has numerous commendations in its name. […]

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Experience The Best of Arizona Golf at The Boulders Golf Club

For a destination that offers everything you could ever want in a golf vacation, you’ll find the perfect location at The Boulders Golf Club. This word-class establishment further drives home that Scottsdale, Arizona is home to some of the best golf courses in the world. With its serene surroundings and gorgeous desert views, the Boulders Resort […]

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Six Factors To Consider When Selecting a Golf Course

Pristine golf courses are a sight to behold! From afar, they can look so perfect that it is easy to assume you can randomly choose one to play at and never go wrong. However, if you’re wanting to level up your golf game, you may want to look beyond the surface. The golf course […]

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Four Tips For Doing Business on The Golf Course

Golf has become known as a businessman’s sport and the stats are available to prove it. According to a report by Forbes, 90% of CEOs from Fortune 500 companies are golf players. It’s no wonder that the sport has always been associated with status, business and affluence. In fact, even U.S. President Donald Trump […]

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Enjoy The Perfect Golf Getaway at Eagle Mountain Golf Club

Are you in the midst of planning a grand golf vacation in Arizona? Based on your choice of resort, your golf getaway will either be a drag or relaxing, fun vacation. It is therefore recommended that you book at one of the best golf destinations in the area: Eagle Mountain Golf Club! Read on […]

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Discover Phoenix’s Hidden Golf Gem: Talking Stick Golf Club

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable golf game in Phoenix, Arizona? Then one destination worth checking out is the Talking Stick Golf Club! The entire golf resort is surrounded with stunning views and amazing facilities, making it a top choice for leisure and relaxation. Furthermore, Talking Stick houses two world-class golf courses with marked […]

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Top Golf Club Rental Companies in Phoenix-Scottsdale Area

Traveling to explore new parts of the country and play on new golf courses sounds like a dream. But the thought of dragging along your bulky golf bag and gear on trips does not. Fortunately, there is an easy way for golfers to avoid this hassle. If you have an upcoming golf vacation in Arizona, […]

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Four Tips to Enjoy an Arizona Golf Vacation on a Budget

Arizona is a dream destination for golf enthusiasts. With its sunny climate, breathtaking sceneries and vibrant communities, it seems like nature has specifically designed the area for relaxation. It’s no wonder Arizona, dubbed as the Valley of the Sun, is home to hundreds of world-renowned golf resorts. However, as an ideal destination for a […]

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Golf Tourism Industry to Reach $19.4 Billion by 2023

The golf tourism industry is growing and will continue to experience an upsurge in the years to come. This is according to a forecast report for the industry from the research firm Technavio. For the next four years, investors and businesses worldwide can expect an 11% increase in the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in […]

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Approach G80 and Stabi-LOUD: The Latest in Wearable Golf Technology

Golf is a popular sport for many reasons. For one, regularly booking golf tee times can lead to better health and excellent physique. Who wouldn’t feel so great being on an elegant golf course or resort where golf is played? Moreover, anyone can agree that it takes skill and mental endurance to play the […]

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