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Enjoy The Perfect Golf Getaway at Eagle Mountain Golf Club

Are you in the midst of planning a grand golf vacation in Arizona? Based on your choice of resort, your golf getaway will either be a drag or relaxing, fun vacation. It is therefore recommended that you book at one of the best golf destinations in the area: Eagle Mountain Golf Club! Read on to know why you can’t go wrong with booking your golf vacation at Eagle Mountain Golf Club.  

Nature’s beauty will keep you coming back.

The first time you set foot on the resort you will realize one thing: Eagle Mountain Golf Club is designed to celebrate and honor nature’s beauty. This golf course is located at the foot of the McDowell Mountains where visitors can relish in picturesque desert views. There are no man-made structures around the entire property and the landscape is engulfed with mountains, rolling hills and green valleys. The location along the Sonoran Desert presents a lovely backdrop for an excellent round of golf. You won’t want to miss catching the breathtaking sunrise and sunsets at this resort. The serene ambience is a rejuvenating experience that will have you coming back for more. 

Excellent course layout promises a tough, yet fun golf game.

Some golf courses are so challenging they discourage beginners, while others are so predictable that seasoned players find them boring. Fortunately, you won’t have that predicament at Eagle Mountain Golf Club. Their golf course is know for being designed to give just the right mixture of challenge and fun. Scott Miller, the renowned golf architect who created the 18-hole course, designed the  mountain terrain to be untouched when he strategically plotted the bunkers, fairways and holes. The resort spends a great effort in keeping the 6,800-yard course immaculate, so you can expect to see the course in great condition year round.

Naturally, a golf course as excellent as Eagle Mountain will earn the admiration of the golf community. Accolades this golf club has received throughout the years includes: Top 10 Best Overall Golf Courses in Arizona from AvidGolfer Arizona Magazine, Top 50 Public Courses in The Country by the 2009 Golf World Readers Poll and Public Golf Course List of Ranking Arizona.

Your comfort is a top priority.

From the amenities that are offered, it is clear Eagle Mountain Gold Club wants your vacation to be a relaxing experience. Famished after a  round of golf? Not to worry. Eagle Mountain has The Grille, a full-scale restaurant that offers mouthwatering dishes all day. This top golf resort in Arizona also provides an array of lodging options to suit the preferences of their guests. Their luxurious and spacious rooms are inspired by the surround Southwest.

The resort also has all the right facilities in place to make life more convenient for golf enthusiasts. The resort has a Golf Shop that offers a variety of golf merchandise and a rental club for those who need golf clubs on the go. If you feel the need to further enhance your skills, the Eagle Mountain Golf Club Academy can provide professional coaching and expert tips.

A stone’s throw away from Downtown Scottsdale.

Golfing is fun in itself but location can enhance your golf vacation experience. Eagle Mountain Golf Club is just minutes away from Downtown Scottsdale. This vibrant community is bursting with exciting events, restaurants, shopping and attractions. This will ensure that your time away from the course will be equally as interesting.

Searching for the perfect place for your ultimate golf adventure is not easy. Course layouts, tee time rates and amenities are all important factors when it comes to planning a great golf vacation. Arizona is a haven for top-rated golf destinations, so picking the best course can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Pinnacle Golf Vacations is always ready to offer expert assistance. Our services are just a click away so request a quote now!

Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

With over 25 years of experience working directly with courses and players all over the United States, Pinnacle Golf Vacations is the place where convenience, price, and expertise comes together to deliver the ultimate golf vacation. Give us a call, we’ll take it from there.

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