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Change Your Alarm Clock to Improve Your Golf Performance

Tons of instructional books and video tutorials are available for players who wish to improve their golf performance. These resources contain helpful tips and tricks that can indeed give one an impressive golf score. However, a new study done by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia offers an unconventional tip to enhance a player’s performance on a course. Surprisingly, the result of the study refers to an everyday object that has nothing to do with golf. It is an item that makes it easier for people to get up in the morning – the ever-reliable alarm clock.

Aside from investing in equipment and practicing your golf swings, you may also want to consider your alarm clock. According to the study, the quality of the sounds you hear in the morning can affect how productive your day will be. While slow and melodious tunes can help you become more alert throughout the day, waking up to fast and loud sounds can leave you feeling groggy. 

The Study

This conclusion is a result of a study that involved 50 participants. They all recorded the sounds they wake up to in the morning. Participants also rated how groggy or alert they felt based on the sounds that woke them up. 

The result of the study is applicable to all areas of life, including golf performance. This can be a great hack that can be used by everyone, regardless of profession or interests. However, for golfers who want to be more attentive and observant on a course, choosing a melodious alarm tone can make a positive difference in their score. In a press release published in CNBC, the lead author of the study, Stuart McFarlane said, “Researchers hypothesize that the combination of tones that rise and fall in a song’s melody promote arousal within our system, which in turn may lead to increased alertness. Melody may warm our brains up more effectively for the day’s activity rather than being shocked into action.”

Recommended Alarm Tones

McFarlane even suggests using the music of Close to Me by The Cure or Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys as your alarm clock tunes. It would not hurt to try changing your alarm clock tones. Aside from the entertaining music it can provide, you may even have a more rewarding day on the course. 

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Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

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