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Brace Yourself For A Challenging Golf Game At SunRidge Canyon Golf Course

Breathtaking landscapes and stunning fairways surrounded by gorgeous nature views clearly define the SunRidge Canyon Golf Club in Fountain Hills, Arizona. However, there are many other reasons that makes this 6823-yard championship golf spot truly one of the must-see courses in the valley of the sun. SunRidge Canyon opened in 1995 and recently went under renovations in 2015 to further enhance their facilities and services.  

What Makes SunRidge Canyon Golf Club Special?

For one, the excellent location at the foot of the McDowell Mountains offers beautiful sights of the Superstition Mountains, Sonoran Desert, and the shady and rugged canyons. The natural wonders encompassing the area play a huge part in giving the golf course a unique layout and views. Keith Rogers, the golf architect who designed SunRidge Canyon Golf Club, chose not to greatly alter the natural structure of the area in crafting the course. Instead, Rogers took advantage of the ridges of the area to create a one-of-a-kind golf course with varying slopes.

Undoubtedly, adapting a persons’s expertise and knowledge with nature brings great results as the golf club has received various recognitions throughout the years. One of their accolades is the inclusion in the Best of Phoenix as the Best Golf Course Phoenix New Times in 2016. SunRidge Canyon is also a consistent part of Golfweek’s lists of Best Courses in Arizona from 2012-2018. Aside from the awards it has received, this golf resort also hosted the 2014 PGA Club Professional Championship of Canada. It was also the venue for the 1997 USGA Team Championship. The Wicked Six is another aspect of the course that deems it worthy of a visit.

The Wicked Six Challenge

If you cannot wait to challenge yourself, the Wicked Six at SunRidge Canyon Golf Club is the way to go. It is called the Wicked Six due to the design of the last six holes – mostly uphill. The final six of the 18-hole course have been known to give even experienced golf players a hard time. The expansive layout is full of indistinct elevations that will keep you on your toes at all times.

You are not alone if you make the decision to extend your game. The additional time will serve valuable as you figure out how to overcome the hazards that are strategically hidden in the immaculate landscape. If you are playing in the Wicked Six golf course, be ready to come across strange doglegs and unexpected bunkers. Thankfully,  it will be hard to lose patience or feel stressed out with the scenic, calming views surrounding you. Your golf game will surely be a game to remember.

The tougher-than-usual game you may experience at SunRidge Canyon may give you the excitement and rush you are hoping for. Nevertheless, it will leave you feeling accomplished and exhausted. Good thing you can quickly relax at the SunRidge Canyon Clubhouse, which features a bar and grill that serves mouthwatering dishes, refreshing drinks and offers live entertainment. SunRidge Canyon is also proud to have Hot Stix, a state-of-the-art club fitting facility. The resort also houses the Jim Mclean Golf School for newbies. This golf school is a reliable source of tips to help you prepare and overcome the challenging Wicked Six.

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Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

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