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Amazing Sites To Visit In Scottsdale For A Unique Golf Experience

Congratulations! You have made a wise choice in picking Scottsdale, Arizona as your next golf destination. Aside from an array of courses, Scottsdale is brimming with lovely and picturesque sites to visit and explore. Its location along the Sonoran Desert will let you indulge in the serenity of nature while offering thrilling activities.

With public parks, hiking trails and wildlife all around, you can have your fill of amazing nature sights one outdoor adventure after another. Scottsdale is also the perfect getaway for art lovers because apart from museums and galleries, the city displays amazing architecture. Indoor theme parks are also available for the whole family to enjoy.

It is no wonder that Scottsdale’s tourism industry is booming with 2016 data showing that the city has welcomed around 4.5 million overnight visitors and around 4.3 million day trip tourists. The tourism sector even recorded USD22.7 billion revenue for 2017.So even if your golf resort offers great amenities, maximize your golf holiday by taking the opportunity to scout the unique places around Scottsdale. Make good use of days when you are not playing golf or while waiting for your tee time by dropping by these spots in Scottsdale.

Pinnacle Peak Park

Challenge yourself to a hiking trail at  Pinnacle Peak Park for a rejuvenating physical exercise while savoring the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. The 150-acre park is home to diverse plants and wildlife. It offers you a chance to come across species of creatures that you may not find anywhere else. Since Scottsdale is generally sunny all year, the early morning is ideal to embark on a hike.  Come noon, it is typical for the sun’s rays to be prominent and the temperatures scorching hot. Remember to pack light, use sunscreen and bring lots of water to stay hydrated.

McDowell Sonoran Preserve

If want to do more hiking, head on over  to the largest urban park in America, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. The 30,500-acre protected desert habitat has numerous trails to offer. This is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy amazing desert views. You can also learn a lot about the flora and fauna in the desert.

Old Town Scottsdale

One good way to easily explore Scottsdale and get to know its rich history is by walking around Downtown Scottsdale. Interesting sites are just a few steps away such as the Little Red Schoolhouse and the Scottsdale’s Historical Museum. The old town area is also near art shops and fashion boutiques. The area is also laden with coffee shops and restaurants. A guide can happily reveal the town’s hidden gems. Check the schedule of walking tours and food tours as they change seasonally.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts

Ignite your creative side with a visit at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts,  which features mesmerizing art works and cutting-edge designs of the modern times. The museum hosts a number of art exhibitions year-round. You can tour around the museum for free every Thursday and second Saturday of the month. Check out the website before heading to the museum to confirm schedules and for information about upcoming events.

Butterfly Wonderland & Odysea Aquarium

Who wouldn’t feel magical at the sight of numerous colorful butterflies flying around? This fantastic experience awaits you at the Butterfly Wonderland, an indoor butterfly conservatory in Scottsdale. Designed to mimic a rainforest environment, stepping into the conservatory will feel like entering a whole new world. The conservatory also features other attractions such as a butterfly emergence gallery and 3D theater.

The Butterfly Wonderland is actually just one of the attractions which can be found in the world-class entertainment site Odysea in the Desert. Another attraction to catch here is the Odysea Aquarium where you can have a one-of-kind experience as you take an underwater tour while aboard a submerged escalator.

The large indoor aquarium will be a fun learning experience for the whole family. Discounted combo tickets are available if you want to experience both the Butterfly Wonderland and the Odysea Aquarium. The theme park also offers discounts for senior citizens and children under 24 months old can get in free.

The attractions featured above are just a few examples of the sites that can assure an unforgettable experience for tourists of all ages. Scottsdale is truly a city that can make your time off the golf course even more exciting. So if you are ready to plan your Scottsdale golf getaway, better check out the Pinnacle Golf website. This site provides information about the top golf courses in Scottsdale today and can even assist you in booking a golf vacation package. Reach out to Pinnacle Golf today through a phone call or email!

Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

With over 25 years of experience working directly with courses and players all over the United States, Pinnacle Golf Vacations is the place where convenience, price, and expertise comes together to deliver the ultimate golf vacation. Give us a call, we’ll take it from there.

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