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Golf Skincare: 4 Ways To Protect Your Skin While Playing Golf

Golf is a sport where players spend a lot of time outdoors, making skincare an important aspect of the sport. Golf is generally played in an open field during the day. Therefore, a round of golf will likely mean hours traversing the gorgeous golf course under bright sunlight. Sunshine has its share of benefits (prevents vitamin D deficiency, a mood booster, and strengthens the immune system). However, long hours of exposure to the sun’s rays can also be harmful. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause sunburn, dark spots, and premature aging. A research study published in 2016 revealed that golfers are at higher risk to develop skin cancer than folks who do not play golf. However, this fact is not a reason to avoid or give up playing golf altogether. Instead, the threat of skin-related ailments serves as a strong reminder that skincare should be a top priority for golfers. To keep enjoying golf without compromising your skin’s health, consider the following reminders:

Apply suncare protection.

Protection is always better than a cure. Therefore, do not hit the greens without applying sunscreen on skin areas that will be exposed to the sun. For the best sunscreen, it is recommended to choose one with at least SPF 30 and apply it on skin 20 minutes prior to a tee time. To make sure your skin remains well-protected throughout the game, take time to reapply after every two hours or as needed. You also want to use a lip balm to prevent dry and chapped lips. These golf skincare methods create a layer of protection for your skin and allow you to play as much as you wish.

Wear appropriate clothes/accessories.

Your choice of clothing and accessories can greatly help you cope with the unbearable heat on the course. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the blinding sun’s rays while a hat can keep the sun away from your face area. To serve as a protective shield against radiation, you can opt to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Just remember to choose clothes made of light materials to stay comfortable on the course. You can also search for clothing and accessories that are specifically tailored for a golfer.

Adjust your tee time schedules.

You do not have to bake your skin under the scorching sun in order to slay the course. Simply adjust your tee time schedule to avoid playing during the hottest hours of the day which can be from 12 pm – 3 pm. You can book a tee time during the early hours of the day or before the course closes for the day. The sun is usually still bearable during these hours and you may even be entitled to special discounts.

Visit your dermatologist regularly.

To ensure that your skin is in its best condition, you may want to pay a visit to your dermatologist. A licensed physician can check your skin health and you can also relay any concerns you may have. The doctor can give expert golf skincare advice and recommend appropriate products such as the best sunscreen you can use. If you are not experiencing any symptoms of skin ailments, an annual checkup with a dermatologist is enough. Have you always wanted to visit the Phoenix-Scottsdale area in Arizona? You may want to consider booking a vacation package in one of the premier golf courses in the area. Many of the topnotch golf courses here offer amazing stay and play packages that are designed to give you a wonderful time in the Valley. Our team in Pinnacle Golf Vacations can help fulfill one of your bucket list items by customizing a special golf vacation for you in Arizona! Fill out our online form for a quick quote or call us right away for inquiries

Written by The Pinnacle Golf Team

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