Nothing beats sharing your passions and interests with the people you hold dear. Golf lovers who also happen to be parents would take great delight in introducing the sport to their kids. Your efforts to raise a junior golfer is a worth-while endeavor due to the many benefits gained from the sport. For one, golfing can help enhance a kid’s mental agility and physical strength. It is a great way to bond with your kids and create a better and positive relationship. If you can’t wait to book a tee time with your little ones, the following tips may come in handy:


Start them young.


There is no rule stating the perfect age to give kids their first golf lessons. Golf is a sport that is open to all ages. Therefore, anyone can start playing at any age he or she chooses. However, the chance of raising a golf lover increases by starting them with the sport at a young age. You can begin in your own home by purchasing golf equipment toys. Doing so will help your kids get a feel for holding a golf club and performing golf swings. Another idea is setting up a make-believe golf course in your own backyard to pique your child’s interest in golf. You can also scout around golf shops to find junior golf clubs that are perfect for children and beginners. Finally, start using common golf terminology when explaining the rules and mechanics of the game even if you are practicing at home. All these simple preparations will expose a child to the world of golf and make them feel comfortable around it. When you finally take them to an actual course, they will feel a sense of familiarity and preparedness.


Keep kids golf light and fun.

Remember that you want your children to discover an area where they can have fun and learn at the same time. Therefore, make your golf sessions as entertaining as you can, especially for very young children. Start by teaching them basic golf rules and let them try the sport without imposing any pressure or specific goal. By emphasizing that it is just a game meant to be enjoyed, you will have a better chance of piquing their interest. Let your kid dictate the pace of your lessons as well. This will avoid them from feeling overwhelmed. As a kid’s stamina is not as strong as an adult’s, you want to keep your golf sessions short. If your kid shows real interest in golf, this is a good clue that searching for programs that offer golf lessons for kids is worth considering. You can also enroll them in a golf camp or golf academy.


Take them on a golf holiday.  


Parents have many options if they wish to pass on their love for golf to their kids. However, an interesting way to introduce a child to this sport is by taking them on a wonderful golf vacation. Known to be a spot for world-class golf resorts, Phoenix, Arizona is certainly one of the best places to take your family for a golf holiday. The sight of grand golf courses can easily entice anyone to set foot on a course and try the sport. Aside from booking tee times with your kids, you can also schedule your vacation during a certain golf event and watch the game together.  This technique allows you to hit several birds with one stone because you are then able to bond with family, create happy memories, enjoy leisure time, as well as ignite your kid’s interest in golf.


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